The Difference Between Traditional and Video Slots

Online gamers have many opportunities to play slots online slots, and the potential for different types of bonuses and free spins is enormous. However, there is a big difference between traditional and video slots. The traditional slots have been adapted from an era when no computers or electronic gaming existed. Video slots have been made in an era when mechanization has been outdated by computers.

There are many online slots available to meet the tastes of people from any age group.

Traditional Slots

Traditional slots usually appeal to people from a time when players could remember one arm bandits that required a lever to play just one line with very few free spins and options for betting. Coins were usually added to a slot, and no banknotes were accepted. Traditional slots have been adapted to online casinos and websites. People enjoy the simplicity of the games, but many of the traditionalists still miss the days of pulling the lever and adding coins.

Video Slots

Video slots were never created without the use of electronics and screens. Computers have now made video slots with graphics that were unthinkable during the days of playing traditional slots. The range of graphics has made it possible to create more complex storylines and advanced types of bonuses. The wheels being shown are not mechanized but computerized, and players use the screen, mouse, or touch the screen to play. There are usually five reels as opposed to the one reel offered by traditional slots. This gives players a bigger range of betting online. Free spins can be offered by a combination of three or more symbols or built on slowly while playing. There are also a number of jackpots offered, which get larger as the pool of money increases. Wins are rare for most people but offer huge payouts.

Enjoy traditional and video slots but always practice responsible gambling. Enjoy the slots, and have fun!